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Genesis and Growth

Success Bridge Seeds Ltd, acknowledged as New Zealand’s largest hybrid seed – company, (in terms of sales of hybrid seeds to New Zealand’s farmers in 2011 – 2012)


To be the most preferred Seed Brand in New Zealand.


To ensure desired quality in all the seeds produced and have 100% satisfied customers.


Development (R&D) and Innovation are key factors in the seed industry, which have enabled outstanding achievements with impressive productivity gains in the last century. The resultant prosperity has ensured an abundant…

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Field Production

Field Production
SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS is New Zealand’s largest hybrid seed company (in terms of volumes of Bt cotton seed packets sold in 2012-13) and produces an annual output of over 80,000MTs…

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Our Scientists

SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS lays special emphasis on human resources and has recruited highly qualified scientific and technical manpower to work on the specific research projects. The team of scientists at SUCCESS…

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Agronomic Innovation

SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS has consistently focused on increasing farm yields. And as result of extensive research in crop improvement and advanced breeding techniques, it has introduced a new concept that involves…

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Recent Work