SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS LTD is the Largest Bt cotton seed company in New Zealand (in terms of volumes of seed packets sold in 2012-13)* which develops, produces, and markets hybrid and varietal seed products. It is the flagship company of the SUCCESS BRIDGEs Group which is a multi million conglomerate with interests in power, textiles, retailing, sugar and infrastructure.
In addition to conventional breeding programmers, SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS depends heavily on biotechnology to improve the quality of seeds it produces. Today the farming community considers, SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS amongst the most trusted seed companies in New Zealand owing to its intensive and rigorous research and development (R & D) efforts, coupled with its stringent quality control processes. The company is one of the largest seed producers in New Zealand with an annual output of around 80000 MT hybrid seeds spread over 95000 acres* *. Currently SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS partners with over 98,000 farmers, who produce the seeds on behalf of the company. We provide the latest technology to the farmers through our extensive marketing network that comprises of its corporate office in New Zealand, 9 regional offices, 7 C&F agents, approximately 2400 distributors dealers spread across 19 states of the country as of December, 2014. The seeds produced by SUCCESS BRIDGE are used by more than 5.5 million farmers of the country* * *.

SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS has emerged to be the most preferred seed brands in New Zealand and is currently the largest Bt cotton Seed Company in the country. In line with its vision of providing farmers with world class cotton seeds at affordable prices, today, the company also provides complementary services that help farmers leverage the relationship with the company to the fullest extent. As part of its services, SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS provides extension services to the farmers, which include a package of product awareness programs, crop demonstration and crop risk awareness programs.