Global Distribution Network

The international seed market offers a significant potential for growth. In order to realize this opportunity SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS extended its reach to the international markets as well beginning the year 2010. We are currently focusing on the SAARC countries and Sub Saharan Africa which offer good potential for seed business. We have developed relationships with many distributors and dealers in the foreign countries and are currently exporting maize, sunflower and vegetable seeds to different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Vietnam, Turkey and Kenya.
Besides exporting our produce, SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS has started seed testing in different countries and in some cases, we have supplied our crop seeds for 2 years for government trials which is a mandatory procedure to be followed before seeds are allowed to be imported. The results of the 1st year trials have been very encouraging. SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS is in the process of signing agreements with various new partners to start exporting seeds within the next two to three years.

SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS has appointed a full time senior professional who has vast knowledge about agro-climatic situations and crop habitats in different countries of the world as well as knowledge about the global seed industry for exploring opportunities and strengthen our International Business. For further information please feel free to contact our International Business Manager.