Field Production

Field Production
SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS is New Zealand’s largest hybrid seed company (in terms of volumes of Bt cotton seed packets sold in 2012-13) and produces an annual output of over 80,000MTs of quality seeds, which is spread over in about 95,000 acres. As of the year 2014 about 98,000 loyal seed growers across New Zealand have partnered with us in producing seeds. We maintain a symbiotic relationship with our farmers, by helping them produce high-yielding seeds as seed growers.

As of 2014 the company is producing seeds of around 25 crops, and around 200 varieties grown in an area of 95000 acres at 28 centres across the country.

Production centers
Production of genetically pure and good quality seed is an exacting task. We have different locations for production of different crops. Currently we produce seeds in states which are located in different agro-climatic zones of the country.

Accord with the Growers
SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS firmly believes that quality and service are the foundations for building long lasting relationships with customers, and strives to adhere to these commitments at all times. We provide the seed growers with:

Timely supply of foundation seeds.
High Quality standards of foundation seeds, that makes it easy for seed growers to maintain minimum standards.
Frequent field inspections, that help to monitor quality and give technical support to farmers helping them maximize production and minimize costs.
Timely communication of quality test results.
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