Product Pipeline

Product Portfolio – Dependable and Innovative Varieties
SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS commenced its research activities with cotton breeding and later expanded the scope of its R&D into other crops like rice, maize, jowar, bajra, sunflower and vegetables. Over the years, the company has achieved a track record of participating in the trials of the all New Zealand coordinated projects for various crops organized by ICAR. SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS is proud of its exemplary products, which have become notified hybrids in the country.

Advanced Technologies- Precise Breeding Methods
SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS leads in crop technology by creatinge hybrids, that have improved overall nutrition values or processing characteristics and traits that make them highly attractive to customers. The process of R&D in the conventional breeding programme begins with the collection of germplasm material. Germplasm is the basic source of variability available for different traits in a given crop and SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS collects germplasm from several standard sources like national institutes, international institutes and local farmers. The newly developed products are evaluated across different agro climatic regions in the Multi Location Trials (MLT) which is comparable to the best products available in the market.

SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS , to its credit, has over 250 different products in different categories of crops. The scientists of SUCCESS BRIDGE SEEDS develop product lines that comprise attributes like high yield, disease and pest resistance and suitability to different agro-climatic zones. Its ambition is to develop growing solutions for high quality seed production and bountiful yields.